Survivors need to know other survivors are going public with their abuse, to help the public know about the child sexual abusers who are still free to abuse children. Marci Hamilton is an attorney who has been working hard on this issue for years.

I found this article particularly illuminating, as a survivor. It says that females are less likely than males to go public about those who abused them, particularly if they are male authority figures:

If you are a survivor, I urge you to contact me. The more survivors who come out, the more abuse we can prevent.

The featured photograph in this post was part of a television campaign in Germany to encourage survivors to call and disclose their abuse. The image was part the following research article: Rassenhofer, et. al. (2013). “Listening to victims: Use of a Critical Incident Reporting System to Enable Adult victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse to Participate in a Political Reappraisal Process in Germany”. Child Abuse & Neglect 37, 653-663

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