Feeling grateful to our community. Here’s where we stand regarding funds and resources donated from our community to honor Utah’s Start by Believing day, with our Spotlight event.
Thank so far to:

A friend for donating sky miles to fly the REAL survivor– Phil Saviano, portrayed in Spotlight from Boston, here for the event.
Family members for opening their home to survivors, Phil Saviano and Barb Dorris, during their stay in Salt Lake.
We have received $65, so far, plus $120 more in pledges towards our remaining goal of $1000.
If anyone has sky miles to donate, we still need to fly Barb Dorris, round trip from St. Louis. (Barb says she may only need enough for one way, because she has sky miles, too.)
To donate: copy and paste the Paypal link below into your web browser.
Yours in supporting survivors and protecting children-DeAnn