According to findings from the ACE study- ending child abuse means that’s exactly what could happen. Imagine that.

…” when the ACE study data started to appear on his [Robert Anda] computer screen, he realized that he had stumbled upon the gravest and most costly public health issue in the United States: Child abuse. He had calculated that it’s overall costs exceeded those of cancer or heart disease and that eradicating child abuse in America would REDUCE the overall rate of DEPRESSION by ONE HALF, ALCOHOLISM by TWO THIRDS, and SUICIDE, IV DRUG USE and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by THREE QUARTERS. It would also have a dramatic effect on WORKPLACE PERFORMANCE and vastly REDUCE the need for INCARCERATION. pg. 148 “The Body Keeps the Score” Bessell Van Der Kolk Citing: Population attributable risk: the proportion of a problem in overall population whose problems can be attributed to specific risk factors.…/file/ACE%20Study-Lanius.pdf