About Talk to a Survivor

What We Do

Founded in 2014, Talk to a Survivor (TTAS) has evolved from a sole focus on supporting survivors, to mobilizing Utah communities to prevent sexual harassment and assault.


DeAnn Tilton, M.S.

As the only staff member (so far) for Talk to a Survivor, DeAnn develops and implements the overall strategic direction for the organization in partnership with the board and is responsible for delivering tangible results in line with TTAS’s mission. As part of accomplishing this, DeAnn serves on Utah’s Sexual Violence Council and is chairperson for the Utah Healthy Relationships Taskforce. She has also helped pass Utah legislation to increase the legal rights of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, and in 2015, she earned a Master’s degree from the University of Utah in Human Development and Social Policy.

When she’s not working and thinking about ways to end oppression and sexual violence, DeAnn likes to hang out with her son at home, hike the Wasatch with friends, cozy up with a book (usually something about ending oppression) and her cats and dog, or plug into a podcast and dive into a home/yard/food project.


In October 2014, Talk to a Survivor founder DeAnn Tilton returned to school to continue her education, pursuing a master’s degree in human development and social policy, with a focus on violence prevention at the University of Utah. At a campus event to raise awareness and support for those who had experienced domestic violence DeAnn wrote the words, “Talk to a Survivor” on a blank sticker as an act of solidarity and to challenge the stigma of identifying as a survivor. From there, Talk to a Survivor helped reform the statutes of limitations for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, host community awareness and survivor support events and create trainings for schools, workplaces, families and children’s librarians to set, see and accept personal boundaries in order to end sexual harassment and sexual assault as well as all intersecting forms of oppression and violence.

Mission and Vision

Talk to a Survivor (TTAS) is a non-profit organization that works to mobilize Utah citizens to build a community free from sexual harassment and assault.

Talk to a Survivor (TTAS) strives for a community in which people of all backgrounds, gender expressions or identities, and experiences are free from sexual harassment and assault. In this community, individuals will hold themselves accountable to each other and to the community at-large for preventing gender-based violence and fostering a safe and harassment-free environment free of the negative influences of power and control. Until we are able to achieve this, TTAS wants every community member to feel safe and comfortable addressing sexual harassment and assault, whether they witness or experience it.