Mobilizing Utah citizens to build communities free from sexual harassment and sexual assault.

What we do

Founded in 2014, Talk to a Survivor (TTAS) has evolved from a sole focus on supporting survivors, to mobilizing Utah communities to prevent sexual harassment and assault. It does this through both online and offline activism, education, policy advocacy, and community outreach. A survivor-centered organization, TTAS utilizes the creativity and energy of volunteers and our communities to further its mission and vision.


In October 2014, DeAnn Tilton was volunteering at a Clothesline Project- a public event where survivors of violence write and draw their stories on t-shirts and hang them on a clothesline. DeAnn wrote the words, “Talk to a Survivor” on a blank sticker and wore it to show survivor support and encourage survivors and passersby to engage in conversation about the clothesline. Due to the popularity and community support, Talk to a Survivor evolved from engaging the public to support survivors, to working to prevent sexual violence and harassment in the first place.


Talk to a Survivor (TTAS) is a non-profit organization that works to mobilize Utah citizens to build a community free from sexual harassment and assault.


Talk to a Survivor (TTAS) strives for a community in which people of all backgrounds, gender expressions or identities, and experiences are free from sexual harassment and assault. In this community, individuals will hold themselves accountable to each other and to the community at-large for preventing gender-based violence and fostering a safe and harassment-free environment free of the negative influences of power and control. Until we are able to achieve this, TTAS wants every community member to feel safe and comfortable addressing sexual harassment and assault, whether they witness or experience it.