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Healthy boundaries

Preventing harassment at school, especially sexual harassment means healthier students, fewer school absences, better learning outcomes, and helping ensure every student’s right to have equal access to an education.

We use evidence-based techniques, and fit them to the school culture and teaching time allowed. The goal is to help schools transform their school’s social climate into one that is safer and healthier for all students, to ensure all students can pursue their education without being saddled with unnecessary stress, illness or absences caused by sexual harassment.

Healthy Boundaries curriculum includes:

  • Healthy interpersonal boundaries: setting, recognizing, respecting them
  • Sexual harassment prevention: myths, misunderstanding, harm done
  • Students’ right to learn: According to your school handbook and federal law Title IX
  • Transforming less-safe school spaces: safe-mapping and displaying student-made posters in at-risk areas