The Costs of Sexual Violence in Utah Report part I

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Sexual violence costs our entire society enormous amounts of money and suffering. You do you try to communicate those losses in numbers, like dollars, to hopefully motivate society- all of us, to invest our resources into preventing it in the first place?

The Utah Department of Health and the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA) created a report based on local and national findings that paints as accurate a picture about these costs as we can get with the reported cases we have.

The results of the report were announced at a press conference at the Utah Sate Capitol Wednesday, January 13th, 2016. I was honored to be asked to speak, as a survivor of child sexual abuse and later as a survivor of two rapes during college, about the costs I have suffered- both economically- and what is known as social capital- that is, the lost networking with trusted individuals to create, innovate and offer support back into my community. Here’s a link to the report, feel free to contact me with questions or clarifications and I will answer them as best I can and/or find the answer and get back to you.