Promoting Healthy Boundaries

To prevent sexual and gender-based harassment in schools

It starts at the top

With school leaders who recognize that healthier boundaries at school can lead to

  1. Healthier students
  2. Improved academic outcomes
  3. Higher job satisfaction for school employees

Teachers are trained

  1. Recognize the small stuff that left unaddressed, can escalate
  2. Increase their skill and confidence to address harmful behavior
  3. Claim and maintain their classroom as a harassment-free zone
  4. Teach students to set, see and accept boundaries as a normal part of the school day
  5. Lead brief, regular discussions about realistic scenarios


Students learn

1. To set, see and accept personal boundaries

2. Identify the less-safe areas in their school

3. Work with administration, teachers and staff to make them safer





I used to just teach. Now, when I see something I say something.

-7th grade science teacher

I don't just assume and put my hands on my students' shoulders anymore.

-6th grade humanities teacher

I think of myself as a coach. I know the repeat harassers and wonder how I can talk to them more about this?

-Middle school music teacher

An excellent program. I'm very happy we have this in our toolkit.

-Middle school principal